Technical school offers:

  • A high level of complete technical college education
  • Concrete, practical, business-related tasks
  • Discussions of alternatives, new ideas and developments
  • Individual and intensive support and guidance from qualified  educators
  • Excursions to outstanding, progressive facilities
  • Active participation of students during instruction
  • Independent work through self-selected projects
  • A European-wide recognized qualification as technician applicable in all business areas


The framework we offer:

  • Responsible use of school notebook during leisure time
  • Visits of trade fairs, markets and special events
  • Large selection of agricultural professional literature (newspapers, technical books, internet)


Focal points during the first school year:


During the first school year, knowledge required for a young manager includes:

  • Plant and animal production control in agricultural Business including economic and environmental aspects (in-depth analysis of cattle, forage production and pork market). An appropriate number of students are also considered for alternative operating activities.
  • Basics and applications of accounting, cost analysis, financing and planning
  • Becoming familiar with agricultural politics, legality, market and environmental conditions as necessary components and considerations for management decisions.
  • Further personal development and expansion of communications abilities
  • Use of computer as support aid in agricultural facilities


Focus points during the second school year includes:

Comprehensive development of one’s own business (or an example business), particularly in regards to:

  • Operational alternatives
  • Constructional development   
  • Solid financing
  • Inexpensive insurance
  • acquirement of the aptitude of instructors (according to the ordinance on aptitude of instructors)
  • Intensive marketing training
  • Routine use of computer software (word processing, spreadsheets, specialized programmes)
  • In-depth broadening of knowledge in animal and plant production and/or other business sectors
  • Two week practical in a commercial operation
  • Special seminars with economic teachers in the following areas (Rhetoric, sales presentations, creation of marketing concept, agricultural electronics, design, transferring ownership of farm, cooperation, taxation, insurance)


Final examination:

  • State-approved certified technician






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