Special features of the technical school Sigmaringen:

  • Personal and close working connections to the Department of Agriculture guaranteeing up‑to‑date current practical training.
  • School principle and teaching staff as employees from the Office of Agriculture, are always available for short-term comprehensive needs providing continual support.
  • High flexibility in considering requests and suggestions from students (for example silage harvest)
  • Special emphasis in marketing – both in theory and practical applications


Execution of larger projects including:

  • Concrete application of teaching instructions in crop production through self-governing production
  • Modern teaching methods such as projects, seminars and practical tasks
  • Active involvement of all students through small groups
  • External speakers provide specialist skills
  • Numerous opportunities for students to train rhetorical skills
  • Contents of other subjects are closely linked through computerized instruction


Main features of educational programme:

  • Crops and livestock production in unison with economic and ecological aspects 
  • Business management with bookkeeping, cost analysis, finance planning and accounting
  • Enhancement of personal development and communication skills
  • Agricultural politics, law, taxation and insurance
  • Intensive training in marketing
  • Routine application of computer skills
  • Communication in technical English


Final examination:

State-approved certified technicians with successful completion of technical college

Examination for instructor/teacher qualifications





Leopoldstraße 4

72488 Sigmaringen

Standort der Schule:

In der Talwiese 14

72488 Sigmaringen



Bernhard Mayer

Telefon: (07571) 102 8671

Fax: (07571) 102 8699


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